Guest Picks: 20 Great Garden Gadgets

Guest Picks: 20 Great Garden Gadgets

Guest Picks: 20 Great Garden Gadgets

The weather is finally beginning to warm up, which means I’m spending more time outdoors. My husband and I love to garden and we spend a lot of time visiting our vegetable scheme and flower beds.

Just when I thought I had everything that I needed for gardening, I started searching the Internet. The possibilities with gardening fittings is apparently endless! This ideabook is full of things for the garden which I would love to own. — Michelle from Stuttering Shell

Design Solutions

Frog Prince Statue – $29.98

I’m not fond of garden gnome statues, but I love my frog prince. My frog sits proudly in front flower bed. He serves a significant purpose: He shields my plants from the garden hose!


Residential Grade 4-Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart With 250-Foot-Hose Ability – $144.99

I really don’t know about you, but I hate wrestling with the garden hose. I also don’t like being”tethered” to a single tap or spigot from the yard. This garden hose reel is pretty awesome if you ask meI mean, have a look at those tires!


SpringJet 50-Foot 1/4-Inch Polyurethane Coil Hose And Wand Set, Blue – $24.99

I’m short. I’ve hanging plants. A 5-foot tall gal trying to water hanging plants with a watering can result in tragedy (for mepersonally, not the plant). This 50-foot coiled hose & wand set is in my wish list. Now I can water my plants and not get soaking wet! Finest part? It may be used indoors as well as outdoors.


Picnic & Beyond Garden Tools Carry Bag With Accessories – $43.99

I will confess it, my gardening tools and accessories are never easy to discover. Nothing has put back in the same place. A tool bag similar to this would alleviate the frustration of having to find my gloves, spade and clippers.


Brinno Garden Watch Time Lapse Camera – $159.99

A time lapse camera for your garden? Amazing! This would be a fantastic gift for that special”green thumb” on your lifetime. I love that you are ready to literally see your garden grow.

The LA Shop

Eight Layer Plant Herb Drying Rack Hanging Web – $29.95

I grow my own herbs, but I’ve never thought of drying them for later use. This is an eight-layer drying rack that is fantastic for herbs and blossoms. Not only is it functional, but in addition, it saves on space since it collapses for easy storage.

Collections Etc..

Gardening Accessories Wooden Box Kit – $18.99

I adore this tiny caddy filled with gardening accessories like ties, clips, raffia, plant markers, etc.. It’s chock full of those miscellaneous gardening items you might not think you need until you need them. This would make a fantastic gift too!


Petite Wire Utility Basket – $16

Would you ever have too many baskets? Should you garden a lot like I do, then you will need something to help carry your flowers and vegetables. I adore the look of this wire basket and appreciate its flexibility.


Fingerless Gloves – $14

Guess what? I own three pairs of gardening gloves, but I don’t wear them. Why? I feel like I am better able to pull weeds and select veggies using my bare hands. These fingerless gloves are a fantastic addition to my gardening tool kit.


Gate Sign – $14

I need this hint for our gate! I feel like I’m always reminding my kids and our visitors to make certain our gate is closed so our Boston terriers don’t escape.


Slate Plant Labels – $18

I’ve yet to discover the ideal garden mark, but these slate selections look like they’ll do just fine. They include a washable marker, so you can reuse them season after season.


Block Planter Stand With 3 Harlan Planters – $149

I adore the look of this plant stand. This would be a fantastic thing to have to start a little container garden. It’s also perfect for those that are tight on outside area.


Amira Hanging Birdbath Holder – $39.95

As much as I would love to put a bird bath in my yard, I know it would get knocked over. But this hanging bird bath could be suspended from a tree branch or hook.


Beautiful Premium Vinyl Garden Kneeling Pads – $10.39

When I get from the yard to weed a flower bed or select veggies, I spend a lot of time . I pay for it the next day with a sore back. I need to spend in a few of kneeling pads. I adore the fun colour choices of them.


Every avid gardener needs a good straw hat to protect their faces from the sun’s beams. I love this hat includes a chin strap, that way you are not spending your gardening time chasing your hat across the yard.

Sloggers Women’s Midsummer Blue Gardening Clogs – $28.49

I love, love, love my gardening clogs! They protect my feet and keep me out of ruining still another pair of shoes.

Katz Garden Gloves

Waist Apron – $10

I’d have never considered to wear an apron while gardening, but you know what? It is logical! Use the apron’s pockets to take your own tools, seed packets, etc.. This frees your hands up and keeps you from misplacing the resources you are working with.


Kyoto 75-Gallon Rain Barrel, Sandstone Finish – $149.99

A rain barrel is in my wish list. This can be an economical way to water plants, especially in the warmer months when your region has water constraints. Of course, a rain barrel is not helpful if there’s a drought, however, it is nice to know that if and when it will rain you will have some water for your garden.

Aubuchon Hardware

PVC Pop-Up Garden Bag – $20.99

When my husband and I garden, we lug about a 55-gallon yard bag. It gets awkward and, from time to time, it splits open on us. I adore the notion of utilizing a popup-style bin or bag instead. It’s a lot easier to handle and it may be used again and again.


“The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook” – $14.95

Gardening is not rocket science, but it can be a daunting task — especially for a novice gardener. I wish we had a book like this years ago when we started sprouting seeds.

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