10 Wonderful Ways to Colorize a White-Walled Room

10 Wonderful Ways to Colorize a White-Walled Room

10 Wonderful Ways to Colorize a White-Walled Room

Have you ever been fortunate enough to decorate a room that started with nothing but white walls to inspire you? The feeling is similar to the thrill an artist feels with a blank canvas, fresh paint and fresh ideas. It happens very rarely for me, the blank canvas part. In my company I normally need to start with many present conditions, like an outdated fireplace, an inherited carpet or Grandma’s lamp.

White walls can be a terrific background for large color. Here are some fun ideas to inspire those of you who are staring at white walls and are stumped on where to begin. Trust me : They’re a fantastic thing.

1. Go with bold colour in lighting. This dining space feels so bright and colorful with really only 1 colour accent along with bright white walls. Drama comes in via twin chandeliers at a bold turquoise, replicated in the chairs and curtains.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

2. Add colorful chairs to a dining table. This is such a brave yet simple design detail. Fuchsia and hot-pink chairs exude this otherwise impartial area.

Upscale Construction

3. Permit an oversized piece of art steal the show. A color burst of greens and blues contrasts this minimalist dining space in scale and colour.

Caitlin Wilson Design

4. Use colorful and boldly patterned cloths. Big scale and color are right at home with white walls. Inside this dining space the colours from the art are replicated in the fabric selections. Use art as a colour starter and build from there.

Sroka Design, Inc..

5. Paint an interior doorway a bright color. I just adore this out-of-the-box move. The bright red really pops against the white walls. Oh yeah, while you’re at it, use high-gloss paint!

9 Technicolor Interior Doors

Rossington Architecture

6. Use lots of tile in the bathroom. A colorful accent wall of tile works really nicely in this modern bathroom. The very best tile layout is simple and contains few transitions; bold colour is ideal in this seamless application.

Best & Company

7. Throw in colour with a rug or runner. My favourite approach to produce a palette is to start with the colours in a carpet. While I’ve a room with white walls and I’m just beginning to think about colour, I will hunt for the very colorful rug I will find. It is a great statement that also feels classic.

California Home + Design

8. Have fun with upholstery cloths. A room with white walls can definitely take lots of colour in fabrics. Natural sunlight helps, also. Select three complementary colours and repeat them in pillows, art and accessories.

Fletcher Rhodes

9. Play up curtains with colour. This is an interesting space that has been changed by the bold-colored curtains. They not only add colour, but they also specify the fashion of the nursery.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

10. Allow the colour from the surrounding landscape shine through. When you have bright white walls without any privacy issues, think about skipping window treatments. The surrounding landscape can provide great color and feel, and it’s always changing. Just be cautious with materials exposed to direct sunlight; think about weather-resistant cloths to prevent fading and damage.

Inform us : How do you work with white walls?

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