Month: October 2016

The way to Install a Valve on a Wall for a Washer

Installing a washing machine valve is much like installing an outdoor faucet; in fact, it’s common to utilize outdoor spigots as washing machine valves. If your house has copper piping, which most houses do, then you are going to need to solder a tee onto an current water line. One of the secrets to leak-proof […]

When to Use Zigzag Springs in Upholstery

When to Use Zigzag Springs in Upholstery

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A reupholstery job may seem like plenty of work, but it may give you an awareness of creative accomplishment when you finish the job. After removing the cloth at the seams — use the previous pieces since the pattern for cutting new ones — the dust cap and cushion fabric, check the springs to find […]

The way to Lube the Rear End of a MTD Riding Mower

Part of owning a costly bit of lawn-care equipment such as an MTD riding mower is maintaining it properly to protect your financial expense. Proper lubrication of the rear end is component of the maintenance regime you should not ignore. The continuous vibration of this mower during operation causes the machine’s parts to rub against […]