Month: October 2020

What Are Typical Closing Prices for First-Time Home Buyers?

Purchasing a home can be a costly endeavor. In addition to the cost, the purchaser is responsible for closing costs in order to finalize the transaction. You need to make sure you’ve got access to sufficient cash to pay for these final prices –so, it is essential to budget for these costs while searching for […]

A Musical Couple's House Strikes a Personal Chord

Creating music could be both artistic and exacting — not as decorating a house. When musicians Flip Breskin and Zeke Hoskin obtained their first house together, each had very particular requests. Breskin desired “rooms with light coming from at least two directions.” Both she and Hoskin needed an open area to play with their music […]

8 Ways to Add a Little Tradition For Your Design

8 Ways to Add a Little Tradition For Your Design

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There is often something utterly comforting about a house decorated in traditional style — a place where heirlooms are displayed, furniture is rich with heritage and every detail was attended to. But if your decorating style until now is transitional, contemporary or modern, it can be hard to know how to change to traditional without […]

Reap a Spring Look for Bathrooms With Garden Decor

Join me in gathering inspiration in the garden, looking at houses with all the freshness and beauty of spring. From weathered patinas and botanical art to publications that will inspire your garden and beautify your shelves, there is guaranteed to be something that grabs your eye. Artstar Custom Paintworks Insert a sense of history. Everything […]

Amazing 'Steampunk-Rustic-Mechanical Sorta' Design in Toronto

Toronto designer Jamie Cheveldeyoff’s house requires a certain suspension of disbelief. That’s because suspension itself is a frequent theme here. Lamps, his kitchen island, bed and even the toilet paper roll all hang from the ceiling. “It is hard to categorize my style, but when I had to, it’d be a type of a repurposed-steampunk-rustic-mechanical […]