Light Wood compared to Dark Wood

Out of all factors in designing a space that is new, end of wood and the option of which kind may be tremendous one. Besides the various concerns of the wood itself (and the countless fantastic sustainable options to new cut hard-wood), colour is enormous.

Heading light or dark with wood can cause a whole vibe all through, and discovers that which you are in a position to do along with your space. Unless you’re making the Bat Cave for example, you do not need walls. And cottagey may be felt by light-wood with mild colours than you are needing. Here is the way in which they work for his or her space as well as a look at different colours of wood.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

These beams tie wonderfully to the wood that is lighter all through. The option supplies without weighing down the chamber, beautiful detailing and distinction.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

This light-wood provides a contrast that is beautiful without being overly plain.

Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

A look down a wonderfully molded and illuminated hall in the exact same wood. The wood supplies equilibrium that is desired without attracting an excessive amount of attention in the other particulars.

Chris Johnson

Measurement is added by this light-wood shining without standing out in this mild area that is open. It will offer some distinction, maintaining the the room from feeling overly light and one dimensional.

Mahoney Architects & Insides

This wood that is light and grand windows supply floating and the open sense between both of these degrees.

Mahoney Architects & Insides

Here wood that is quite light pairs with surfaces in this kitchen. The flooring adds a continuity that is simple and keeps the appearance.

RTA Studio Residential Architects

With one of these walls that are impersonal, this room is easy, refined and understated.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Develop

Really light flooring pairs nicely with darker elements and vibrant colours, similar to this stairs.

Elad Gonen

Wood that is light permits to get a sizable amount of wood area in an area, including an easy continuity of materials that are natural. The blonde throughout, including in the flooring, creates a nice tone that is general.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc.

This research with all builtin furniture and shelving becomes an encompassing that is strong without creating one sense overly enclosed. The windows in the conclusion as well as the brilliant heat of reddish colour and the flooring produce an excellent balance.

Kleppinger Layout Team, Inc.

This incredibly light stain pulls the butter-cream paint as well as the white do-or and moulding together. That lovely dark flooring and dark seats earth the the area.

Summerour Architects

When intriguing chambers are sandwiched between ceilings and complex floors do not you adore? The beams above produce an excellent feeling of being encircled — without feeling overly enclosed. Tall ceilings enable because of this, together with the wonderful open area all through.

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

Likewise, without furniture in this space you’re able to view how ceiling and the flooring works jointly. Amazing how a somewhat lighter color is offered by the ceiling while the darker columns fit the flooring and particulars all through.

Angel Mangarakov

Wood that is dark predominates ties and here in to the built in furniture. I normally do not care for matchy-ness in a chamber, but it is kept by the sleekness of each piece modern and interesting.

Camber Development

A counter-top that is lighter produces refined however strong comparison in a dim and glossy kitchen.

Forum Phi Architecture | Insides | Planning

Another darkish- kitchen that is completed, although this one pairs with black accents and cabinetry. The metal as well as the polished floors give every-thing a levity that is contemporary.

Nick Mehl Architecture

A line up of cupboards that are white appears to float amidst the dark coating, both balanced from the flooring that is lighter.

Craig Denis

Dark polished floors that are darkish will be the ideal option because of this space that is open. Together with the weight under, colours as well as the materials of the area help produce a lightness. The chamber is apparently floating onair.

Birdseye Layout

This whole space is enticing. Medium -darkish woods get an incredible finishing touch using particulars and the really dim window framing through the duration of. I really like the furniture that is complementary generally seems to seep to the wood.

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Trend Alert: Planked Wood Ceilings

What’s a ceiling? Could it be just a roof over our heads? The response to that particular question by couturiers is progressively “no!” A ceiling actually could be a wall that is fifth. And that opens up limitless opportunities for treatments that are fascinating.

Among the ceiling layout treatments that’s gaining popularity right now could be the improvement of wood planking. More than the improvement of beams ceilings include curiosity and texture making things that are excellent in an area. And so next instance you’re redoing a space…look up and think about the improvement of wood to your own ceiling.

Carl Vernlund

To highlight a sensational vault like this one, involved beams are added to your wood panelled ceiling.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Combining wood coffering and panelling produces a visually ceiling therapy.


Panelling that is bleached provides texture without adding colour in this space that is modern-day.

BraytonHughes Style Studios

Beams and wood highlight the ceiling in this living room.

Indicate gerwing

A ceiling that is planked is an original addition to your kitchen.

Rough wood enhances the feeling of the chamber.

A space while still incorporating texture brightens.

Fuse Architects, Inc.

The wood on the ceiling compares wonderfully with all the clear white walls and harks back to the wood on the ground.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Images

Bring visual awareness of a ceiling that is unique similar to this arch one with wood planking.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

Wood beams that are painted really are a wonderful addition to your master master suite.

Elad Gonen

A bedroom that is relaxing gets some visible feel in the inclusion of a panelled ceiling that is painted.