Month: February 2019

A Compact Shed Makes Room for Creativity, Storage and Style

There’s just one problem with this drop: It is too cool. “I’ve found that I just sit within the space, look around and think about how cool it’s more than actually producing something,” says homeowner Chris Sewell. The sunny Santa Barbara, California, shed serves many purposes: It acts as a buffer between the street and […]

Ecofriendly Cool: Insulate With Wool, Cork, Old Denim and More

There are few alternatives to this fiberglass and foam products used to insulate roofs and walls until relatively recently. Most of us leave the somewhat dull topic of insulation to builders or contractors anyway — after all, you barely buy insulation for appearances. But the topic of insulation is warming up, both for environmentalists and […]

15 Ways To Make Your Neighborhood Better

15 Ways To Make Your Neighborhood Better

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We all want to be better neighbors — or at least possess better neighbors. However, what can we do? How do you build a better community for yourself and your loved ones? The answer is really rather simple: Get to know your neighbors. Just interacting with all the people you live near can significantly strengthen […]

Dream Spaces: Trash Becomes Treasure in a Massive Seattle Toilet

A love of restoring crap to its prior glory directed a professional Porsche driver to build this unbelievable garage. The 3,981-square-foot space is dedicated solely to his sets; all here was trashed at some point but now excels after careful restoration. Gelotte Hommas Architecture assisted design and build the space, smack dab in the midst […]

5 Favorite White Roses for a Just Beautiful Garden

I love the look of white roses — they’re trendy and elegant, and instantly add class to any garden. In the language of flowers, white roses signify sincerity, purity and chastity. They also indicate innocence and spiritual love, and have sometimes been known as “the flower of light.” Whether you’re looking for a climbing rose […]