Month: May 2016

Troubleshooting Slow-Recovering Gas Hot Water Heater

Quite simply, a water heater’s recovery rate is the total amount of time you’ll need to wait to have a hot shower after the individual before you consumed the heater’s whole heater capacity. Not all factors influencing recovery period are malfunctions which may be repaired. For instance, a gas-fired heater with substandard British thermal unit […]

How to Make an Accordion-Type Room Divider

How to Make an Accordion-Type Room Divider

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The trickiest part of creating a first accordion-style room divider for your house is trying to find salvaged parts. You will need at least three, but up to six or eight, slender cast-off wood shutters or doors. The hardware that makes the “accordion” is that the hinge — and it’s worth hunting through a variety […]