Month: August 2016

Altering Trouble With My Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor

Purchasing a lawn in Salt Lake City tractor with a hydrostatic transmission represents a substantial financial investment for most homeowners, therefore it can be especially frustrating once you experience trouble changing the machine. Hydrostatic transmissions, unlike the ones that include traditional manual or automatic transmissions, use an oil-filled hydraulic pump to control the mower’s speed […]

How to Upholster an Oak Rocker Back and Seat

How to Upholster an Oak Rocker Back and Seat

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A pine rocker with an upholstered seat and back is the best of two worlds. You can view the beautifully shaped wood of the seat frame and then settle in the comfort of padding just where your bones connect to the seat. Amish rocking chairs and Shaker and Mission styles feature separately upholstered seat and […]

What Kind of Insulation Is Flammable With Recessed Lighting?

Of the 3 kinds of insulation you are likely to use in your attic, rock wool has the very best fire rating and cellulose the worst. Insulation flammability isn’t a problem using recessed lighting fixtures, however. If a fixture isn’t rated for insulation contact, no insulating material should come within 3 inches of the fixture, […]