Month: May 2015

How to Reupholster a Chair and Replace the Memory

A re-do for the foam-cushioned dining room chairs is a somewhat simple cut-and-staple job that may revitalize a tired, ketchup-stained, cat-scratched set of chairs. Begin at the finish by imagining your post-renovated dining room and then play with various options for chair seat fabric. You might want to whitewash the Queen Anne chairs and upgrade […]

How to Make a Pendant Light Plug Into a Wall Outlet

A pendant — hanging — lighting is designed for hard-wiring into a ceiling electrical box so you can control it using a wall switch. If you would rather hang the lighting from a hook, suspend it over a favourite chair or table and plug it into a wall socket, you need to splice a plug […]

The way to Make Decorations for a Hawaiian Luau

The tropics beckon, and you’re nowhere near a good surf beach. Throw a Hawaiian luau party for a consolation prize and then allow your decor temporarily transport one to Waikiki. From the basement or in the backyard, the scents of pineapple and vanilla, the hot tropical colors, the kitsch that produces the decor — all […]