Month: June 2015

The way to Keep Fiberglass Doors From Warping

Compared to steel and wood doors, fiberglass doors offer a low-maintenance choice that resists dents, scratches, rotting and rusting. While the substance typically resists warping too, long-term exposure to the outdoor environment might cause cracked or warped doors in some cases. Keeping your fiberglass door warp-free requires a mix of prevention and normal maintenance. Placement […]

How to Program a Quantum Garage Door Model 3316

Chiefly known for fabricating garage doors, Wayne Dalton once offered a lineup of garage door openers. The 3316 model, part of the Quantum string, is a 1/2-horsepower residential garage door opener, fabricated in 2003. It features a double-angle trolley rail assembly and high-efficiency motor in addition to your wireless transmitter remote and a wall channel. […]

Reupholstering Chair Cushions With Vinyl

Reupholstering Chair Cushions With Vinyl

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You love your children — and they love to spill, squish and even try to hide food to the dining room chair cushions. 1 day, their table manners will catch up to damask upholstery, but today isn’t that day. You’re tired of sitting on who-knows-what-comestible-residue, and plastic lawn in Salt Lake City chairs will not […]