Design Gets Modern Twists

Design Gets Modern Twists

Design Gets Modern Twists

Born from the classical types of early times, neoclassical style had tasteful lines that offered a controlled alternative to the floral opulence of rococo in the late 1700s. It’s a popular again now. Replicating the look entails gilded mirrors, elaborate chandeliers and gold leaf frames, with classic sculpted accessories scattered throughout. The colour palette is controlled: cream, white, beige and metallic. It favors luxurious fabrics that aren’t too fussy: silk damask, brocades, linens and vintage needlepoint tapestry.

Traditional contemporary twists on this historic style comprise upholstered furniture with engineered wood counter tops, gold and black tables and oversize antiqued mirrors. The aesthetic mixes opulence with relaxed fashion, for an overall laid-back appeal that is wonderful to check at and simple to reside in.

Jessica Bennett Interiors

This white slipper mattress with nailhead detailing is perfectly timeless and supplies a blank canvas to the pops of stone to stand out. Empty gold leaf frames are layered behind styled drawings. The white and gold colour combination is a modern twist on Parisian sensibilities.

Dana Wolter

This is a slightly unlikely mix: a rustic driftwood table paired with an obsolete metallic mirror. It’s an old-meets-new design that, when paired with the bust, framed oversize and print pillar candle, is classical with a twist.

Mary Evelyn Interiors

There are several neoclassical staples worth noting in this dining area. The thick drapery complete with fringe in a gold raw silk fabric casually hangs out of a just brass pole. The over-the-top crystal chandelier is intricate and dual tiered. Along with the colour mix, a mixture of golden yellow and sea foam blue, is a timeless choice.

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Dillard Pierce Design Associates

The high ceilings and arched door are Romanesque. The oversize mirror that mimics the form of the window adjacent to it’s so striking. All this is topped off by white and beige tailored upholstery and a beautiful ornate chandelier.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

This really is a case of modern furniture placed in the context of a room that has the bones of a neoclassical decorative, such as crown molding, columns and a crystal chandelier. This is a superb case of the mixability of the early aesthetic with the modern furnishings.

Warmington & North

The chaise is generally French and classic. This specific piece is upholstered in a classic velvet and put in a cream and beige dressing area. The tasteful colour palette is topped off by the very simple bay windows and subtle cabinets.

Chambers + Chambers Architects

Symmetrical d├ęcor is a staple of neoclassical design. Here, it’s done to perfection. There are the gorgeous gold sconces that scatter the big gold-framed oil painting, the ceramic pieces on the mantel that are perfectly matched and both identical armchairs that flank the fireplace. And of course the gorgeous vaulted walls and crown molding, which add to the lace, giving the room a sense of formality.

Ann West Interiors

This vignette includes many elements that may be categorized as neoclassical: gold leaf frames, Staffordshire pottery, marble accessories (including the blossom) and silver candlesticks. It’s a fantastic illustration of how pretty this look can be.

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Coco Chanel Style

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