Fresh Idea: Accent Color Brightens Up the Sink

Fresh Idea: Accent Color Brightens Up the Sink

Are you looking for a clever way to add an accent color to your bathroom? Think about painting the outside of a wall-mounted sink. You have likely seen painting applied to the outside of clawfoot bathtubs; simply apply this thought to the sink. It will give a vintage or vintage-style sink a new, updated appearance. Three Houzz users let us know how they achieved this appearance.

Upscale Construction

A fun bit of color is particularly appropriate for a children’ bathroom; little ones appreciate the color from below or even at eye level.

“If my memory serves me correctly, the inspiration for the sink came from the customer who had seen something similar in a magazine,” says Brad Hayes, the primary contractor on this project. “We wax coated the base green to make it more aesthetically pleasing”

Hanson Fine Building

In cases like this, the clawfoot bathtub along with the vintage-style sink match. Their vivid color enlivens this differently darkened toilet.

“The decision was made by the architect to bring an accent color to complement the white wainscoting and flooring tile,” says John Hanson, the primary contractor on this project. “We painted the sink and tub with a semigloss alkyd oil-based paint.”

Houzz user Allison Bloch had her Brockway sink basin bottom painted a daring and gorgeous blue. “I watched the idea for this sink at a PB Kids catalog,” she says. “Initially I wanted to set it in my children Jack-and-Jill bathroom, that had white subway tile, randomly interspersed with blue subway tiles. I attempted to fit the spout color as closely as I could into the tiles.”

“The base of the sink was originally rough and black and that I had no intentions of leaving it that way,” she explains. After spending a great deal of time on internet forums about painting cast-iron fixtures, she realized a DIY project that entailed a great deal of chemicals was not a fantastic selection for a pregnant woman. “It was so much easier to take it into a local auto body shop (Branning’s at Princeton, NJ). Additionally, the men there were happy to have something different to do that day.” The paint job price $300.

Because of an unexpected problem, the sink couldn’t be plumbed from the Jack-and-Jill tub it had been painted to match. “The sink finished up at the playroom bathroom, which is nice,” she says. “It gets a whole lot of usage, and every mother who sees it ; I really like the idea of a trough sink being shared with multiple children in precisely the same moment.”

Fixture Universe

Kohler Brockway Wash Utility Sink

This is actually the Kohler Brockway Sink, found in the prior photo. It comes in this three-faucet model plus a smaller two-faucet version. The base of the bowl does seem great in its first black, but deciding on an entertaining, bright color will make yours stand out.

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