Get Your Swizzle OnYour Rustic Home Bar

Get Your Swizzle OnYour Rustic Home Bar

Get Your Swizzle OnYour Rustic Home Bar

There’s no denying the visual joy of a pub that’s glossy and swanky, but in regards to sipping down a much appreciated cocktail at the end of a cold, lively day, there’s nothing like a distance that’s warm and rustic. With this thought in mind, I figured it might be a fantastic time of year to get an ideabook containing spaces which are just that. Below I have included a few pictures of stunning, masculine bars to find the gears turning, along with some product ideas I thought you’d enjoy.

Let us begin with something anybody on a budget may obtain: a pub menu stocked with whatever you need.

The wonderful wooden table provides a visual escape full of warmth and comfort, while the glistening chrome base keeps things lively and upbeat.

In this ideabook, I have tried to keep the theme comprising items which are constructed of either wood or metal. It is a simple way to keep up a wonderful balance.

Tucked in an alcove the size of a small closet, this pub reaches high and low, allowing for wine storage top and miscellaneous bar items down below.

Beckwith Interiors

Maintaining your assortment of bottles tucked away in a dark cabinet isn’t much fun, however when they may be looked at through from outdoors, the narrative changes entirely. I’m fond of this notion since it prevents the bottles from collecting dust and leaves the countertop simple to wash down at the end of the night.

Being confronted with numerous cocktail ideas from the comfort of your living room couch might be an invitation to get a costly spirits run at the start of every week, but I state that it is the best spot in the house. Having a gin and tonic at arm’s reach sounds like a life I’d be okay with.


Tambien Smoke Barware – $3.95

So now that you are giddy with desire to make your own space to serve cocktails, we should probably move on to a few parts of barware which will truly feel all comfy and snuggly in the middle of a nicely stocked, rustic-style pub.

I enjoy these glasses due to their intriguing gradient of colour: clear on top, smoky on bottom.


Savoy Ice Bucket-Cooler – $24.95

The hammered effect of this shiny metallic ice caddy will add texture to the mass amount of smooth surfaces located in the rest of the bar.

Jayson Home

Sanderson Bar Cart – $595

Nothing says rustic such as the lovely patina of gray, weathered timber. I’m fond of pub carts since they can tag along with the party. Just like a great buddy, they sort of just roll with it.

Nambu Tekki Tool Bottle Openers – $20

These unique bottle openers would be a massive hit with the majority of my creative-type friends, and I have a feeling they would also go over well with the impossible-to-buy-for father of mine. Maintain a few around to the beer lovers in your life.


Wine stoppers are one of those things which everyone should own, since let’s face it, at one point or another, odds are likely that you will be left with a just-opened bottle of wine once the party starts to fizzle.


Monogrammed Stainless-Steel Cocktail Shaker – $24

No pub would be complete without a cocktail shaker, and this specific shaker appears quite charming with a monogrammed finish.


Organic White Birch Wood Coasters by Urban + Forest

These beautiful pieces of birch would nestle to a rustic or manly inspired bar quite well, and they would make for some casual conversation as well. People are constantly intrigued by intriguing coasters, it sounds.

Pottery Barn

Speakeasy Bar Tool Set – $38.99

Good luck keeping these tools on the rack; they’ll be in heavy use during the course of the night. But once the following day rolls around, the resources will probably return on their base, anxiously awaiting their next moment to shine.

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