Guest Picks: Improve Your Toilet With Simply Beautiful Accessories

Guest Picks: Improve Your Toilet With Simply Beautiful Accessories

Guest Picks: Improve Your Toilet With Simply Beautiful Accessories

The idea of luxurious bathrooms — with candles and bubbles, please — sounds irresistible in winter months. The downside is that the bathroom is often ignored, and sinking into a tub is not terribly appealing if the distance is ho-hum. Listed below are a couple accessories for sprucing up things. Practical and lovely, they would all make the cut for me. — Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves

Shop Fog Linen

Linen Waffle Towels, White – $10

These white linen waffle towels will leave me feeling like I had stepped out of a spa tub after each and every bathroom. I’ve never used small bath towels before, but I use them in the kitchen and they were my favorite household addition this past year.


Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy by Peg and Awl – $155

No lavish bath would be complete with no tub caddy for carrying cups of java and a good book.


Holbrook Medicine Cabinet – $548

When it comes to bathroom accoutrements apartments can be hit or miss. I am afraid that my current mirrored cupboard is a far cry from this beauty.


Dressing Ladder – $160

The thought of a dressing table is as lavish as it’s practical. When I had the space in my bathroom, I would prop this simple ladder against the wall and hang my hand towels from the upper rung and my pajamas-in-waiting at both.

Green Tree Boutique

Reflections Toothbrushes – $13

Only beautiful toothbrushes could be allowed within my fantasy bathroom.

West Elm

Ceramic Toilet Brush Holder – $24

Finding a simple toilet brush holder is serious business. This ceramic one from West Elm is one of the nicest I’ve seen.

Brook Farm General Store

Toilet Brush – $16

Paired with the ceramic holder, this wooden brush will make a comprehensive set.

West Elm

Wire Mesh Storage, Laundry Caddy – $29

This cable basket is just the right size for propping on the back of the toilet. I would fill it with an additional rolls of toilet paper.


Hand-Forged Iron 3-Piece Toilet Paper Holder by VinTin Welding & Fabricating – $23.50

Toilet paper holders are right up there with toilet brush holders as soon as it comes to becoming hard to find. I like the simple lines and small size of the hand-forged holder.


Hand-Forged Iron Industrial-Style Towel Holder by VinTin Welding & Fabricating – $35

The larger cousin of the toilet paper holder, the towel rack is just as lovely and understated.

Brook Farm General Store

Tub Brush – $24

If I’m going to be taking a proper bathroom, you could bet your bottom dollar that I would like for it to maintain a clean tub. I think the scrubbing could be much more tolerable with this fine brush.

Schoolhouse Electric

Schoolhouse Laundry Bag – $45

I don’t have the space for a proper hamper in my tiny apartment, so I keep the laundry room in a bag for toting to the laundromat. This managed sack would seem neat and tidy hanging from the door.

Kaufmann Mercantile

Natural Sea Sponge – $12

Have you ever used a natural sea sponge? They are amazing and so much better than any artificial bath scrubber I’ve found. Happily, this one has also been sustainably harvested.

Hickoree’s Hard Goods

All-Natural Rose Geranium & Hibiscus Moisturizing Shampoo – $23

If you’re in the process of spiffing up your bathroom, I think that it’s only fitting that your bottles of shampoo and conditioner are also easy on the eyes. This rose geranium and hibiscus moisturizing shampoo appears as fairly as I am sure it smells.


Small Rope Canister by Pigeon Toe Ceramics – $74

Medicine bottles and hair elastics like fine spots to hang out also. I think these white canisters would seem at home in the kitchen or in the bathroom.


Medium Leather Bin from Gildem – $35

Bathrooms can quickly become crowded. I would love to wrangle my bottles and brushes into a handy bin like this one.


Goat Hair Face Brush – CAD 18

I would take this goat hair face brush over a fancy battery-operated version any day.

Everyday Needs

Towel Hanger

This simple cable towel hanger is such a nice solution for a bathroom that lacks the wall area for a larger rack.


‘Begin’ Porcelain Cup by Rae Dunn – $52

I like to keep a small cup in the bathroom for rinsing my mouth out after I’ve brushed my teeth. This little cup — pronounced “start” — sounds like just the correct situation to use in my morning routine.

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