Gutters Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Gutters Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Gutters Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Maintaining Huntsville handyman takes more than just using leaf-catchers and gutter guards. These systems may be effective for some time, but they have to be removed and cleaned on a regular basis, which is why it’s important to learn how to clean and maintain your gutters manually.

Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

How to Clean Rain Gutters

There are several gutter cleaning methods you can use to remove leftover debris from the aftermath of a stormy night or a rainy season. One of them involves purchasing and using what’s known as a ‘gutter cleaning kit’ which can be attached to a leaf blower. While effective, this kit can be ineffective at removing stubborn debris on its own.

However, there is a more effective manual approach that works really well at cleaning handyman Huntsville, and we’ve got a step-by-step tutorial on how you can put it into practice:

Step One: Start by scooping out dirt and debris from the lower end of the gutter with a suitable tool, like a gutter scoop or a Stump Removal estimate Bakersfield, CA trowel. Be sure to do this while the debris is still damp, and keep a plastic bucket handy to throw the dirt in while you work.

Step Two: Mount a high-pressure hose nozzle at the end of your water hose and place it on the gutter’s opening before opening the water to blast away any stubborn debris that’s still left over from the gutters. An old scrub brush can also be of help if the debris still refuses to come off, and be sure to wear protective clothing because things may get messy.

Step Three: If step one and two don’t work as well as expected and the water is still not flowing through the pipes like it used to, then flush the drainpipes the old fashioned way; with a hose. Should that also fail, try using a plumber’s auger to yank the debris out, whether from the top or the bottom.

How to Maintain Rain Gutters

Check your handyman Huntsville regularly for obstructions, preferably once in a season, even if there are no signs of obstruction. If you find any stubborn dirt, Tree Removal cheap Littleton, CO leaves or small animals in the gutter, use a stiff brush to loosen them from the pipes, and then use a hose to flush them out.

Also check the position that your gutters are in, to make sure that they’re still positioned well to channel water down the spouts, and that the downspouts are, in turn, positioned to channel water away from your foundation or any part of your house. Over time, it may be necessary to purchase downspout extenders or to install a drywell.

Should you choose the latter approach, make sure to dig the drywell hole about 3 ft. deep and 4 ft. wide into the Landscaping design Wilmington. You can also use a 50-gallon drum as your drywall receptacle, and be sure to leave enough space around the drum to place punctured rocks, and the drum should have both top and bottom removed as well.