Houzz Pet of the Week: Thurza Honeybunny

Houzz Pet of the Week: Thurza Honeybunny

Houzz Pet of the Week: Thurza Honeybunny

We requested indesign for your animals, and we were killed by you with pictures of your four- chums going out out in gardens and your houses. Among the highlights must be Dousty (see forward), performing her best performance of a seal pup on a brilliant orange couch. We just got over that when you sent us several more, including a poodle that was poetic, a cuddly shepherd and also this week’s popular puppy that was digital: Thurza Honeybunny.

Thurza, 5, lives in Peyton, Colorado with Houzz member Jenny, her husband Charles, and 2 other dachshunds. Which came first, the puppy colour palette or the chamber’s? Coincidence, obviously. “We needed a neutral-toned, refined gentle ambiance with all the feeling of a health spa-like escape,” Jenny says. Photographer Roz Otzuka away noticed how well it match the organic coloring of Thurza and created this picture after designer Linda Tomky in Colorado-Springs assisted her get the look.

The chamber continues to be a work-in-progress. Jenny guarantees to share the function of Linda and Roz as well as pictures of her place when they are completed. As for Thurza? She locates the pillow on that bed that is luxury an ideal match on her sleepyhead.

Bella has a second on the window seat. Picture thanks to Houzz member dede

A stylish Concepts for designer bathrooms Milwaukee when she sees one is known by Layla. Picture thanks to Houzz member corgi359

Dousty believes a brilliant orange couch is an excellent spot to get a belly rub. Picture thanks to Houzz member madardjoune

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