How to Clean Black Lacquer Finish

How to Clean Black Lacquer Finish

How to Clean Black Lacquer Finish

Black lacquer doesn’t cure when it dries, as paint does, and it can turn soft if you attempt to wash it with a solvent. Lacquer creates a hard, impact-resistant finish, however small scratches will appear on black lacquer if you wash with abrasives.

Dusting Procedure

Due to the vulnerability of black lacquer to solvents and abrasives, the ideal approach to cleaning is to simply dust it. Begin with a feather duster, since dust itself is abrasive enough to scrape lacquer should you rub it away with a cloth. After the bulk of the dust is gone, a moistened flannel fabric picks up the remainder. Move the fabric along the shapes of the wood instead of going across them. Finish up by drying the slice with a dry flannel fabric.

Deeper Cleaning and Maintenance

Most fingerprints and smudges come from the finish when you use a damp cloth to remove dust, but should you will need a cleanser, select a mild soap solution and avoid excessive rubbing. If you want to shine the furniture to restore a semi-gloss or polish sheen that has dulled, use liquid furniture polish and apply it with a soft rag.

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