How to Repair a Washer Shut Off Valve

How to Repair a Washer Shut Off Valve

How to Repair a Washer Shut Off Valve

Shutoff valves for the cold and hot water supply into a washing machine may create leaks over time. If you become aware of water drips on the wall or floor, it is time to repair one or both valves. Even though shutoff valves for washers come in a variety of styles and types, all have certain parts that are similar concerning leaks — particularly, a packing nut and bushing at the stem for the handle. In most cases, fixing a leaky washer shutoff valve takes a brief time.

Close off the leaky valve, using the grip. Fit an adjustable wrench onto the flats of the packing nut at the bottom of the stem for the handle. Grip the handle with one hand and then tighten the packing nut clockwise, using the wrench.

Open and shut the handle many times. If the leak persists, then the bushing beneath the packing nut must be replaced.

Close off the warm water supply valve that’s on the pipe just above the water heater. Touch the pipe with the back of one hand to determine whether it is warm. Close off that valve. Shut off the water supply into the home at the primary valve. Open a hose spigot and permit the water to drain from the pipes.

Loosen and remove the screw that secures the grip of this drier valve into the valve stem, using a screwdriver. Pull the handle off the end of the stem.

Loosen the packing nut counterclockwise with the wrench to detach it from the bonnet of the valve. Slide the nut off the end of the stem and place it aside. Eliminate the circular fiber or rubber bushing inside the valve’s bonnet by sliding it off the end of the stem. Pry out the bushing with the tip of the screwdriver and side it away the end of the stem, if necessary.

Slide the new busing on the stem and then insert it into the bonnet. Slide the packing nut on the stem and then screw it on the bonnet by hand to ensure the threads are aligned. Tighten the packing nut with the wrench.

Fit the handle at the end of the stem and then attach it with the saved screw.

Close off the hose spigot and gradually open the main water supply valve to the home. Open the hot water valve at the water heater.

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