Keyless Lock vs Regular Deadbolt – Which One to Choose?

Keyless Lock vs Regular Deadbolt – Which One to Choose?

Keyless Lock vs Regular Deadbolt – Which One to Choose?

Except if you prefer a traditional deadbolt that comes with a multi-lock feature, the bolts that are on the keyless locks and the normal deadbolts are pretty much the same. With that said, professional electrician Palm Springs CA often recommend choosing the keyless locks for more convenience.

Not having to carry any front door key with you sounds like a good idea. This option may not appeal to parents who have kids who tend to lose house keys very frequently. Keep in mind, however, that the keyless locks are operated with a battery and it could fail to work in case you forget to change the battery. The good news is that most systems provide an option to override the key so you will not end up having to stay out in the cold.

Benefits and Features of a Keyless Door Locks

We have listed the benefits and features of some of the top-rated Palm Springs electrician:

– Changing the codes is very easy and it’s possible to set a temporary code that would eventually expire after a certain period of time.

– Some of the keyless door lock systems lock automatically in only a few seconds after you leave.

– There are keyless door locks that can be connected via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can operate the lock using an app on a tablet or smartphone.

– There’s no risk that comes with someone finding the key that you are hiding on your doorstep.

What to Know About Keyless Locks

Despite the various benefits and features that come with the keyless locks, there are certain things that you should consider before deciding to invest on a keyless system.

– Weather can greatly affect the way these locks work. They may not work well after getting exposed longer under extreme heat and cold.

– You may need to change the battery at least once a year.

– Someone may be able to observe and memorize the code every time you type it on the lock.

– If you’ll avoid changing your code from time to time, the keys could get worn down, which increases the risk of someone having easy access to your code.

Hiring a Professional Installer

Keyless door lock systems tend to cost more than a traditional deadbolt. You can expect to pay between $30 and $50 for the installation of a traditional deadbolt, while the keyless version costs between $150 and $250, depending on the quality and the brand of the lock.

When hiring a professional installer, make sure you go for someone who’s highly experienced in the field of door lock installation. Professional and well-experienced electrician Palm Springs are highly capable of spotting any defects on the lock. This includes sagging hinges and several other potential problems that could affect the way the lock works. As always, it’s best to choose contractors who are bonded, insured, and licensed. Moreover, they should be highly reputable and have plenty of positive reviews online.