Mobile Furniture: Put a Wheel on It

Mobile Furniture: Put a Wheel on It

Mobile Furniture: Put a Wheel on It

In houses filled with kids, casters can make cleaning a breeze. Wheels also provide much needed fluidity and flexibility in tiny homes. And in houses where interests collide, wheels can create multifunctional pieces that serve all members of the household.

All that out of a humble wheel? Yes!! Casters run the gamut from cheap to expensive and are easily sourced and sent. They can be a quick fix for stale, outdated furniture, give new life to Dumpster dive paintings and create fundamental furniture work more challenging. Have a look at these brilliant architects and designers that have effectively put a wheel on it.

Michael K Chen Architecture

1. Casters give furniture multiple functions

Bookshelves and desks can at times be monstrous, immovable bits in a distance. Wheels transform this large piece to a functional desk, shelving unit and room divider that can be corrected to another side of the room when required.

Philpotts Interiors

Dining tables are another bit for casters. Imagine the number of ways this table can be used! In addition to support for a dining table against this bench, it can easily be wheeled to another room to function as a buffet, art table or work desk.

Alla Kazovsky Architect

2. Wheeled storage helps wrangle kid toys

Kids need mass amount of storage to store all of their possessions. Place those storage bits on wheels and you are able to tuck storage under a bed or in a closet efficiently.

Splendid Willow

It is a simple DIY job to turn a classic crate into storage. Simply sand and clean the crate, then seal the wood if necessary. Attach casters to the bottom of the box and you have transportable storage for a couple bucks!

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

3. Industrial casters add personality

Antique or real looking iron wheels are amazing in their own right. Even if the wheels are not meant to function, they add grace and charm to fundamental pieces.

The rolling table in the past photograph is seen in Restoration Hardware, or you can build one yourself from pallets! The cart here is actually crafted by a pallet.

Check out more ingenious pallet creations here.


4. Reclaimed rolling furniture adds role

A rolling planter is absolutely ideal for growing plants indoors. The light varies from season to season and it’s preferable to transfer plants to catch the very best environement for them. A large planter or pot is quite heavy to move, but wheels make the job loads lighter.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Older pieces frequently have smaller casters and have been created out of quite dark wood tones. Lighten and brighten a classic cast-off with a glowing coat of blue and give those delectable wheels a bedside post.

Grace Home Design

5. Rolling furniture can redesign a space quickly

Whether your area is modern or classic, there’s a rolling piece of furniture for you! This little seat on wheels is a ideal solution for this particular distance. Sitting on the corner of the room rug, it gives seating, but does not break the perspective of the chevron rug. When it isn’t needed, the seat can easily be rolled off.

Want to make your own chevron patterned rug? Have a look at this tutorial.

Kevin Karst Design Inc..

This small little kitchen has an ideal solution for a breakfast nook. The rolling and pivoting table provides space to sit and consume, but allows the cook room to work. What a fantastic use of distance.

Whether you are catering to kids, adults, family or guests, then rolling furniture can make your life a bit simpler. Use wheels to create a look of whimsy, provide a useful function or make an unfinished space function flawlessly.

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