Mobile Home Manufacturing Standards

Mobile Home Manufacturing Standards

Mobile Home Manufacturing Standards

A popular type of home in the United States is the mobile home, which can be known as a manufactured home. Actually, mobile homes aren’t really the types you can drive around. The word “mobile” normally refers to how manufactured homes are transported to their home sites. Trailer makers must adhere to HUD construction and safety standards. State and private third party agencies also enforce manufacturing standards for mobile homes.

Mobile Home Characteristics

The Department of Housing and Urban Development refers to mobile homes as manufactured homes. HUD describes true manufactured homes as housing units at least 320 square feet in size. A true manufactured home must also have a lasting frame that allows for its original and continuing transportability. HUD uses 38 distinct states plus private manufactured home inspection agencies to conduct periodic checks of mobile home manufacturers’ plants and facilities.

HUD Manufacturing Standards

HUD and its own 38 approved states all work to ensure mobile home manufacturers are meeting approved standards for homes they are selling to the public. HUD’s National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards code governs the manufactured house building market. HUD’s code is used to assess a manufactured house’s design, construction, strength, durability, fire-resistance and energy efficiency. In addition, the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act requires manufactured home builders to provide their buyers with homeowners manuals.

Home Performance Standards

In addition to broad manufactured home building regulations and rules, HUD’s manufactured home security standards also gauge manufactured homes’ operation. HUD performance standards for manufactured homes comprise assessment of manufacturers’ heating, ac, plumbing, electrical and thermal systems. Using HUD’s manufactured house construction and operation standards, states and various private home inspection agencies can efficiently regulate manufacturers. Reputable manufactured home contractors also have a tendency to utilize the latest construction techniques, including precision laser cutting and fitting, to construct quality homes.

Building Mobile Homes

Most mobile or manufactured homes are constructed as a single-, two- or three-section homes in manufacturing plants throughout the country. Typically, a manufactured house is built by a defined group of craftsmen, technicians and assemblers. Also, during construction most manufactured homes are continually inspected by several state or private service home inspectors. Reputable manufactured home builders also utilize computer-assisted design technologies to allow excellent construction at each step in the procedure.

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