Reap a Spring Look for Bathrooms With Garden Decor

Reap a Spring Look for Bathrooms With Garden Decor

Reap a Spring Look for Bathrooms With Garden Decor

Join me in gathering inspiration in the garden, looking at houses with all the freshness and beauty of spring. From weathered patinas and botanical art to publications that will inspire your garden and beautify your shelves, there is guaranteed to be something that grabs your eye.

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Insert a sense of history. Everything left out in the garden develops a rich patina over time. By adding a decorative paint complete or mossy urn, you can bring a fast outdated look indoors as well.

Style notice: “Muddied” colors like olive, goldenrod and grey blend seamlessly with leafy plants and weathered rock. A stately lion theme and light fixtures in iron add to the mood of faded grandeur.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Green it up and bring in the birds. Bring the soul of the garden in with new spring greens, plenty of potted plants and art or items with bird motifs.

Style notice: the local garden store is a possible secret source for special decor. Look for garden ornaments with interesting shapes and materials, decorative stools and plant stands that may double as occasional tables.

Freshen with art. A new print is a fast way to usher in the new year. If you utilize basic, inexpensive frames, it is simple to swap out art seasonally to keep things fresh and motivated.

Design notice: Try creating a tableau on your fresh botanical art by encircling it with various potted plants and small items collected in nature.

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Keep the art affordable. Botanical eyeglasses and scientific examples can be found easily on Etsy, squares of pretty wrapping paper can be frameworthy, and you can always press flowers from your own garden at no cost. Hanging your art in a crisp grid is a great way to tie together a set of prints around a theme and brings a bit of gravitas into a budget structure.

Design notice: Floral curtains in black and white repeat the garden theme without needing too much attention for themselves, even though a cane print used as upholstery suggests exterior furniture. Throw in a bit of bright yellowish with cushions lively.

Vanessa De Vargas

Bring a touch of spring into your walls. A fantastic way to try out a fancy wallpaper would be to frame a beautiful length of it. Try using molding in the hardware store (instead of a genuine frame) to get precisely the size you want at a far more reasonable cost.


Bring the garden inside. Attempt crafting your own planter from whatever materials you have on hand — particularly great for city dwellers without access to a complete lawn. Putting your planter on casters is a fantastic tip that will make moving your container (for instance watering, or to take advantage of greater lighting) much easier.

See how to plant this mobile garden


Esperanza Quilt – $228

Try a fast change. Scoop up a new comforter, like this one in a vibrant floral print from Anthropologie, to give your bedroom an instantaneous spring makeover. Want to save your money? Even adding shams can make a plain space pop up. Try tying in the colour from the new shams with a throw folded at the foot of the bed.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Recall that the strength in numbers. Instead of spread out small houseplants around the space, consider collecting them onto a table. Utilize one striking planter (a massive urn works nicely) to anchor the arrangement and cluster smaller pots around it.

Design notice: Vintage educational botanical graphs like the one displayed here may be found on sites like eBay and Etsy, and supply a great deal of style bang for the buck.

Rizzoli New York

Bringing Nature Home: Floral Arrangements Inspired by Nature

Read more, get motivated. A new book published this spring, Bringing Nature Home (Rizzoli), by photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo and floral designer Nicolette Owen is filled to the brim with inspiration for bringing the garden in.

Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo

Rizzoli New York

Inside this glance into the pages of Bringing Nature Home, we see how an artfully wild arrangement of branches can become the focal point of an area.

Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo


Italian Villas and Their Gardens: The First 1904 Model by Edith Wharton – $23.10

For a classic tome, attempt Italian Villas and Their Gardens, originally published in 1904 by Edith Wharton. Still relevant today, this specific edition has the additional benefit of providing a certain cachet for your bookshelf with its gorgeous decorative cover.

If This Bloom Were an Area

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