Sensible Style for Your Holiday Kitchen

Sensible Style for Your Holiday Kitchen

Sensible Style for Your Holiday Kitchen

Your kitchen works extra season. Below are some sensible design hints and resources for maximizing its cooking, entertaining, countertop and storage capacity at this super-busy period of year. First we’ll look at appliance options for a multi-tasking bonus, and then at storage organizers to stretch your space.

Chic Decor & Design, Margarida Oliveira

So many houses have over-the-range microwaves. By replacing a builder-grade model with a version that includes convection, warming capabilities and rate cooking, you’ll incorporate three appliances in the area of a single.

Sub-Zero and Wolf

Wolf Induction Cooktop

You’ve seen the commercials: Induction cooking is much quicker than pro-style gas. It’s also safer when kids are in the kitchen, as they often are during vacation times. If you can’t replace your present cooktop having an induction model, consider adding one as a supplement or buying a portable induction burner for additional stovetop capacity.


Cuisinart Brick Oven – $199.95

Only have a toaster in your kitchen? Insert a countertop model. Most will not handle your vacation roast or turkey, but many can deal with all the side dishes that you wish to throw at them. A standard toaster oven wtih convection will boost your cooking power. A deluxe model like this Cuisinart will take it further.

Echelon Custom Homes

If you entertain frequently, an installed ice maker can be your best buddy. Commonly available in stainless steel or panel-ready versions, they are a appliance with appeal. Install one where guests can get it themselves. If installing one isn’t a choice for your budget or space, consider buying a portable model instead.

ZeroEnergy Design

An installed wine refrigerator is great for holiday entertaining. If wine isn’t a priority, then you can opt for a drink refrigerator or combination wine-beverage model instead. Both will help meet your visitors’ thirsts, particularly when they’re located outside the kitchen’s work flow. Portable wine and drink coolers can also be available if an installed model isn’t feasible.


ClosetMaid 3059 Kitchen Organizer Rail System – $39.99

A backsplash organizer makes use of otherwise untapped kitchen property. That frees up valuable drawers and cupboard space. Sure convenient at this hectic time of year, isn’t it?

Frederick + Frederick Architects

A pot rack is just another fantastic way to tap into artificial storage possible. By installing one in an available wall or ceiling, then you are freeing up cabinet space. You’re also making your cooking equipment more available — an perfect convenience at hectic holiday times.


Rev-A-Shelf Mixer/Appliance Lift Mechanism – $153.70

Lots of home cooks cherish their stand mixers. For those who use it regularly — and have no countertop shortages — leave it sitting out for your own convenience. If you are short on work area, you might consider one of these convenient lift systems.

More thoughts for baking stations


Rev-A-Shelf Tray Divider – $20.30

Cabinet and cabinet organizers, such as these tray dividers, are great all year, but they come in especially handy when you’re taxing your kitchen with additional holiday preparations. By the way, tray dividers are particularly useful for turning narrow pedestal cabinets to more practical vertical storage.

GelPro Crocodile Red Gel Mats | Gel-Filled Comfort Floor Mats and Kitchen Mats – $99.95

Holiday cooking, cleanup and entertaining can be hard on the human body. After some hours of working on a hard rock or tile flooring, odds are your thighs , back, hips and feet positively nuisance. A cushioned mat will make these long days much more comfortable. They are great anytime, but particularly welcome for this time of the year.

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