Show Us Your Own Lego Creations

Show Us Your Own Lego Creations

Show Us Your Own Lego Creations

We like playing with Legos. However, high school senior Jess Long really likes making things out of the colorful, iconic pieces. Like, really, really likes it. The 18-year-old Elk Grove, California, student has six 5-foot-tall containers and assorted large bins with nothing but Lego pieces. Her massive collection — helped in part with her mother, who scours garage sales for pieces — has overtaken their family’s living space.

Long’s newest creations? Building model houses based on photos she locates on .

Extended modeled this Lego house on the famous Painted Ladies of San Francisco’s Alamo Square Park (previous photo). One day she had Malvina Reynolds’ song “Little Boxes” stuck in her head, especially the traces “Little boxes on the hillside / Small boxes made from ticky-tacky.”

“I saw the houses and just kept singing that song in my head,” she says. “I thought, ‘That’s really cool and really simple. I bet I could make that.'”

The first arrangement of the house took Long a couple of hours to finish. But then she spent about two weeks digging through her bins in search of the ideal roofing pieces. “It took me forever to find those pieces,” she says. She added her own touches, also, like switchback stairs and planter boxes.

“I had it in my head that Legos were for boys, but they’re not,” she says. “I really like doing so.”

The interiors were the simple part. “I just kept making a box,” she says. “Most home designs are really only a bunch of boxes. If you continue doing that, it is pretty simple.”

But she also understands that her versions aren’t exactly representative of real-life buildings. “I should most likely have support beams in the middle of the chambers. If it was a real house, it wouldn’t be structural. However, Legos do not need to. They simply look good.”

Long is selling this catchy version on Craigslist for $100. The money would go to pay for faculty. The degree she’s considering following? Architecture, Naturally.

Listen to the Malvina Reynolds song that prompted her

Are you a Lego master? Please show us your creations below!

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