Storage Tricks for Renters

Storage Tricks for Renters

Storage Tricks for Renters

If you reside in a little flat, forget the built-in shelves (sigh, someday) and concentrate on storage using drawers, baskets and doors. Awkward designs that renters are not likely to fix also may benefit from clever placement of storage furniture. Bonus: Less visible clutter means your location will appear bigger.

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The tiniest spare closet can become a workplace with the inclusion of a desk and some lighting. (Notice the cable monitoring out above — the closet doesn’t need to be wired.) Simply close the door once you’re done working and keep those paper piles from sight.

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A coffee table may easily provide hidden storage: simply lift the top and store blankets, magazines or board games. Corral remotes and bite dishes in a tray in addition to they are easy to eliminate in a jiffy.

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Tuck baskets to any”dead space,” just like beneath a bench or table. Since the furniture is already taking up square footage, then you may too squeeze a little extra function from that area.

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A bed with built-in drawers is perfect for kids’ toys or in a workplace that has to double as a guest room. In a workplace, you can stash extra file envelopes and folders in one drawer and guest linens in another.

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My rental flats have been little and cramped or medium-size but with a lot of unused space (tiny countertops with an awkward empty corner, by way of instance ). If yours is the latter, then take cues from a grander home and bring in an armoire. It offers lots more storage than the usual kitchen cart does, also it’s doors to conceal the mess. Utilize the shelves as a makeshift pantry or as a dining room area, like in this kitchen.

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A nightstand with drawers can conceal just about anything. Aside from the typical bedside items, you can stash spare linens, photograph albums or even socks and other small items.

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Adding a credenza in the living room creates a surface for lighting and a location for hidden storage. In this area it works double duty for the living area and dining area, but you could place one against the wall to put away books, games or even off-season decoration.

A beautiful dresser or chest in the entrance (even though your entry is just a hallway) could be a great place to stash hats, gloves, leashes and spare change. It may even be a good spot to charge your phone and camera.

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Storage under a children’s play table provides a perfect hiding spot for craft supplies.

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