The best way to Kill Mulberry Roots

The best way to Kill Mulberry Roots

The best way to Kill Mulberry Roots

The mulberry tree offers food for animals and people, and the foliage offers much-needed shade in the summer. The tree has a shallow root system, and usually roots increase over the the top of soil close to the trunk. These roots pose a risk to people walking close to the tree. Mulberry trees often fall seeds, creating several saplings that are new to develop. One way to to eliminate them is to destroy the roots if trees are a nuisance in your lawn.

Use a shovel to dig little mulberry saplings up. Remove the whole root-system, or the tree will grow back.

Cut off mulberry trees that are greater in the roots when the trees start to develop foliage, generally between September and May. Use a shovel or chain saw to do this. Make big gashes in the roots as an alternative if trees are too big to stop in the roots. Use a chain saw to reduce down the whole tree as possible near to floor level in the trunk. Doing this prepares the tree for a herbicide program that can kill the root program.

A watering can with water. Mix of herbicide in the suggested quantity in accordance with the item label.

Put on gloves. Soak a foam paint brush using the combination that is glyphosphate.

The glyphosphate herbicide right to the cut roots. The roots die and absorb the chemical. For those who have cut off the tree in the trunk, it is possible to also use the herbicide to the cut area to destroy the roots.

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