The best way to Level Shelves

The best way to Level Shelves

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The best way to Level Shelves

Hanging a shelf is a typical home improvement that could easily go awry. Forgetting to level your shelves, or eyeballing their installation, could abandon them seeking terribly off kilter. An installation that is failed means having to consider out the shelves and re install all of them over again, but could leave you with unsightly holes in the wall to deal with with. Consider the measures required to make sure your shelving and save the headache is completely straight.

Roll your stud-finder on the wall to locate the studs. Mark where your studs are by creating a little “X” along with your pencil in the idea where the stud-finder lights up or makes a tone.

Place your bracket on the wall stud in the height where you want to install your shelf. Hold your level alongside the bracket till it reads vertical and tilt the bracket back and forth.

Mark the screw-holes. Install your bracket to the wall using your drill as well as the screws with all the screwdriver bit that is proper.

Repeat Step Two together with your 2nd bracket.

Place the level on the other side of the very best of the two brackets and slide the second bracket down and up till level is read by it.

Repeat Step 3 along with your 2nd bracket.

Place the level on the brackets to see whether they’re level. If required, adjust.

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