The best way to Repot a Banana Plant

The best way to Repot a Banana Plant

The best way to Repot a Banana Plant

The coastal environment of the Bay Area’s is not understood for developing tropical fruits like bananas, but that does not suggest you-can’t use the crops to include a touch of the tropics to your backyard or veranda. Look for banana types such as the dwarf Cavendish, which grows only 4 to 7-feet tall. Growing them allows the plants to transfer in for protection from cool and the wind when temperatures fall below 53 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have to repot the banana plant in the spring, in the event that you had enjoy your plant to carry on expanding, or in the event the plant starts to die back as well as a fresh one grows.

Find a place in house or your backyard at which you had enjoy your banana plant to devote summertime as well as the spring. Pick a place that’s glowing light or full sun and protection in the wind so the plant does not blow-over.

Cover the holes at the end of the container that is newest by placing several coffee filters level along the underside. Cover of the container using a 1- to 2-inch layer of gravel to assist boost land drainage. So the very top of the main ball of your banana plant will sit two to three inches below the rim of the container partly fill the container with soil.

Turn your banana plant. Catch the key stalk of the plant with a single hand and support the the pot using the other. Lightly pull on the plant to free it in the container. Run a kitchen knife over the interior of the pot to free any roots that are obstinate.

Examine the main ball for just about any slimy, dark or foul smelling gardens of root, as root rot is indicated by these. Before re-planting your banana plant trim rotted roots. Make a few cuts that are shallow to the main ball to loosen any roots growing in circles across the main ball.

Set the root ball in the middle of the container that is newest and fill with refreshing planting medium in the area around it. Firm the s Oil across the plant, and water the plant completely. Cover the top layer of the ground having a layer of mulch to greatly help conserve water and also make the pot seem tidy.

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