The best way to Set Up Aluminum Stair Border

The best way to Set Up Aluminum Stair Border

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The best way to Set Up Aluminum Stair Border

Aluminum stair border is a commodity set up on the leading edge of stairways. It serves two functions: It shields the border from wear and fixes carpeting, linoleum or other floor coverings. Aluminum stair border additionally offers a safe basis to prevent skids. Stair border that is installing is clear-cut and easy. It’s holes previously drilled to facilitate simple setup using just a screw gun. Stair border that is typical may also include a package of screws.

Measure on the other side of the leading edge. Take away in the package. Make use of a hack saw to reduce it to the measure. Make use of a moderate-tooth metal file to smooth and around the the cut border that is fresh.

Set the railing on the very front of the stage. It needs to be flush on both ends. The aspect needs to be in the underside running horizontally through the very front of the measure on top using the holes.

Put a screw on the conclusion of the drill. Allow the magnetic point hold it in place. Hold the railing as tight as you can against the measure with a single hand. Make use of the gun to direct the screw into among the holes. Using just as much force as you possibly can, push the screw to the measure, fixing the railing. Duplicate until all the holes are stuffed, driving screws to the railing.

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