The best way to Winterize a Banana Tree Plant

The best way to Winterize a Banana Tree Plant

The best way to Winterize a Banana Tree Plant

Winterizing your banana tree plant guarantees when spring rolls around, it’s going to keep your home looking lush and verdant. When the temperature goes Fahrenheit, that causes causes the banana tree plant to cease expanding plan to begin the procedure. The various types of banana crops contain the well-known Dwarf Cavendish (Musa accuminata), which grows rapidly and generates tiny bananas, as well as the Hardy Banana tree (Musa basjoo). The Dwarf Cavendish grows in Sunset’s Backyard Zones H1, H2, 8, 9 and 14 through 24. The Hardy Banana tree grows in Sunset’s Backyard Zones H1, H 2, 2 through 14 and 9 through 24. Banana tree crops prefer soil that is acidic, increase well in containers and do not need watering.

Wait then and hitting eliminate any rotted or curled leaves in the plant. Rot spreads ultimately killing it should you not. The frost alerts the plant that it’s time to time to quit blooming and that winter is here.

Spread mulch in the root of the tree. Use at least 8″ — one foot in places with cool winters. Use peat moss, which will not soak through if a snap interrupts a chill.

If it’s small transfer the plant into a pot. Till the soil using a spade and transfer the plant right into a pot that is waiting from the roots.

Place the banana tree plant in an area that is cool to ensure it will not blossom. Temperatures remain between 40 and 50 F and in the event the winter is mild, it is possible to keep it outdoors. A temperature that is higher might trigger the banana tree to bloom.

Remove the mulch or re-plant the plant in the spring when temperatures are regularly in the ’60s. Give it fertilizer and water to enhance development.

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