The way to Keep Fiberglass Doors From Warping

The way to Keep Fiberglass Doors From Warping

The way to Keep Fiberglass Doors From Warping

Compared to steel and wood doors, fiberglass doors offer a low-maintenance choice that resists dents, scratches, rotting and rusting. While the substance typically resists warping too, long-term exposure to the outdoor environment might cause cracked or warped doors in some cases. Keeping your fiberglass door warp-free requires a mix of prevention and normal maintenance.

Placement and Prevention

Extreme heat functions as a key culprit in warping fiberglass. To lower your chances of a warped door, then avoid installing doors that straight face unpleasant southern or western sun exposures, if possible. The snug the fit between the door and the frame’s weatherstripping, the less likely warpage will occur. To tighten this match, put in an adjustable latch plate to help hold the door to the framework. Installing powerful hinges also can help fasten the door in the framework.

Clean and Protect

To decrease the effects of sun exposure, apply spray-on marine wax — available at home improvement and automotive stores — to your fiberglass door at least once per year. Along with applying this UV protection, keep your door clean during the year using an easy wipe down with furniture polish and a soft cloth. Mix a half-and-half way of white vinegar and water to clean glass panels in the door.

What to Look For

Besides positioning and preventive care, the caliber of the door itself plays a part in preventing fiberglass warpage. Higher quality fiberglass is much less prone to warping than lower quality fiberglass. To stop warps and other weathering, seek doors using reinforced fiberglass panels, full-length stiles, and water-resistant seals. Should you stain your door, then use a high quality, exterior grade, UV-stabilized sealant.

More to Think about

Lighter colors help preserve your fiberglass door, as they absorb less heat compared to darker colors. Adding a storm door — especially a non-vented variety — to your fiberglass door might actually heighten the chance of harm in especially hot climates, as trapped heat between the two doors might lead to warpage and fading. Always consult instructions from the manufacturer for maintenance and care advice for your door. Some fiberglass doors come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers replacement or service related to warping issues.