Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling Joins the Comeback Club

Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling Joins the Comeback Club

Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling Joins the Comeback Club

Flat tongue and groove wall paneling is all of the rage. While the technique has existed for what seems like eons, the resulting compact look has made a recent comeback.

Tongue and groove joints let horizontal pieces of wood to be combined together to make one level surface. Famous for their rich texture, striped pattern and ability to dramatically alter the feeling of a room, horizontal tongue and groove walls especially pop in contrast to the blank canvas of shingles.

This classic wall treatment is an especially efficient way to cover old, damaged walls. In my 90-year-old residence, we are likely to cover crackly plaster. Just set it and forget it.

Whether they have a natural walnut finish, are painted brightly or are combined with additional architectural components, tongue and groove walls are certain to define a space, function as a focal point and pack an architectural punch.

Structures Construction Company

Tongue and groove walls and ceilings combine with exposed beams in this bright, architecturally rich hallway.

Rauser Design

Tongue and groove is paired with smooth drywall in this family room. Painted the exact same colour, both components are immediately incorporated.

Paul Rice Architecture

This wall’s rich texture and striped pattern remove the demand for art.

Merzbau Design Collective

A natural pine tongue and groove accent wall creates a modern, rustic feel in this Austin, Texas, home.

Yvonne McFadden LLC

Creamy painted horizontal tongue and groove walls enhance a bright lake-home kitchen.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

A double push-button switch and horizontal tongue and groove make for a stairway dripping with classic charm.

Rethink Design Studio

Rustic beams plus tongue and groove walls and ceilings produce the greatest beach-house interior.

Alix Bragg Interior Design

Paired with crown molding, these partitions are architectural showstoppers.

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