10 Methods to Tiptoe Out Your Restoring Comfort Zone

10 Methods to Tiptoe Out Your Restoring Comfort Zone

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10 Methods to Tiptoe Out Your Restoring Comfort Zone

If you have been making the same safe decorating choices for as long as you can remember, it could be quite a challenge to break out of this rut. Is your home a reflection of your personality? Does this make you feel inspired and uplifted? Otherwise, that’s surely reason enough to refresh your decor in a manner which suits you now, not the one of ten years ago. However change is tough; there is no way around that — that is the reason why I recommend starting small, with more of a gentle nudge than a large push out of your comfort zone. Take the timeless style you naturally gravitate toward and give it a fresh twist. Any one of the 10 ideas here would be a fantastic starting point. Happy decorating!

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1. Wake up your distance with a bright gourd lamp. Pillows are a popular choice for adding colour, but I find they are chucked aside a little too readily once you feel self-conscious concerning the colour choice. If you have been stuck in neutral for too long, a fantastic method to boot yourself into the world of colour is with a shiny new lamp — it adds as much soda for a pillow but has staying power. Gourd lamps possess such a timeless shape that they can easily fit into almost any decor scheme, and they look amazing in almost any colour.

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2. Add an enjoyable pendant lighting which does not violate the bank. A number of this reluctance we experience in making changes around the home is financial — what if we invest a boatload of money on a brand new piece and then regret it? If fear of earning a wrong decision was herding you into choosing the same old things again and again, find something inexpensive and enjoyable that you could live with, even if it does not workout. A pendant lighting, like Ikea’s Maskros light, will add personality in spades without causing your wallet to fear.

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3. Update your art. When was the last time you picked up something new to your walls? If you have been living with the very same prints and other art for years (or decades), make a date to take yourself to a art show, gallery or student sale and pick out a couple of fresh pieces that speak to you. New art on the walls may do wonders!

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4. Be adventuresome in a small dose. Want to push the style envelope a little? Experiment with a little piece, like a stool, a side table or a ottoman, and you won’t have to be worried that it will overwhelm the space. Try out a seat with intriguing legs, a stool at a bright, shiny finish or a ottoman covered in an animal print or a contemporary geometric.

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5. Change your table form. After we reside with the same big pieces of furniture for many years, they almost become invisible to us. Consider swapping out your kitchen or dining table for one using another shape — round instead of rectangular or vice versa. In the living room, consider using a set of little square tables instead of a single big rectangular one, or even a big upholstered ottoman as a substitute for a fussy glass-top dining table. You might not even need to buy anything new — try moving items from room to room to begin with to create a new appearance.

6. Sneak in something oil. If your house is really traditional (and you like it that way), however you’re searching to bring in something new without throwing off the balance, try clear acrylic or Lucite. This sturdy plastic has a distinctly modern vibe yet fits in with almost any style, because it calls to mind other more formal clear stuff, like crystal and glass. It seems amazing for anything from counter stools and has the additional advantage of increasing the feeling of distance.

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7. Experiment from the stairwell. The bad, neglected stairwell is a great spot to play new decorating ideas. Consider papering the wall (with a print or something textured( such as grass fabric ), including cool geometric carpeting or painting the risers in colors of one colour.

8. Hit a vibrant hue which makes you happy. Pay attention to your emotional response to colour everywhere you go. Did the lush turquoise of the water onto your Caribbean vacation make your heart sing? Run with it! Focus on upgrading one room that’s been living in mostly neutral colors up until now and add several wholesome doses of your joyful colour.

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9. Try out a typographic print. Want to bring a fresher, more contemporary vibe into your residence? Tag along with the typographic fashion and pick up a wordy dye or print (try searching on Etsy) at a statement-making size. Some artists will customize prints for you, working in favorite quotations or meaningful dates and names. Or you could always pick up some alphabet stencils and paints, and make your own.

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10. Try your hand at a tablescape. Virtually all designers love to play with items on tables, and so can you. Begin with a rectangular tray which will fit in your desk or ottoman. Add a little stack of novels (three work well), pile a decorative box or other little objet on top of the books, place a bowl alongside and complete the arrangement having a vase of blossoms.

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