Afternoon Job: Declutter Your Bookshelves

Afternoon Job: Declutter Your Bookshelves

Afternoon Job: Declutter Your Bookshelves

I am all about maximizing distance, but in regards to your bookshelves, leaving a little breathing space can go quite a distance. Not merely is open space pleasant to check at, but your built-ins will feel more relaxed and give you the chance to show off not just your books but your bookshelves themselves.

I know that for some a maxed-out bookcase reads inviting and cozy, but for me it yells,”Purge some books!” Here are some quick and effortless cleaning projects which won’t require much time but give you lots to write home about.

Kate Riley – Centsational Girl

Start With One Shelf
Job time: 30 minutes

If you don’t have enough time to take everything off the bookshelf at once, play with each shelf separately.

Start with one shelf that seems overly cluttered and group like items together (this could mean similar colours, sizes and styles).

Consider every shelf as a section and work on the individual spaces before tackling the job as a whole unit (which is sometimes too overwhelming).

As you gain more confidence with sorting, processing and organizing, you’re going to be able to readily see how all the parts relate and arrange accordingly.

Pro method : Bring all of the books toward the front, letting just a little of the bookshelf floor to peek through the front. This lining up of books will give the space a front and keep books in line even if they are different spans.


Unify the Books With New Covers
Job time: a day

You can get the children involved in this fun craft. In a tiny, built-in bookcase, heaps of books can certainly read overkill (especially if they are paperbacks). For my house, I bought colored paper from Paper Source and used a cosmetic postage that supplied an outline to hand-label the spine of every book.

Klopf Architecture

Paperbacks: Leave Them or Love Them
Job time: 15 minutes

I state paperback books do not have a place on bookshelves, but if they have to stay and you do not wish to conceal them, try styling them. Lay them flat in smaller groupings in order that they pack a punch.

Sroka Design, Inc..

Provide a Hiding Spot
Job time: 15 minutes

This swing-out framed art hides a TV in the bathroom but can easily conceal your favorite paperback novellas on a bookshelf in the living area.

Your framed piece must cover the height expanse from 1 shelf to another (going as broad as you see fit).

Tanner Vine – 2Go Custom Kitchens Inc

Remove Everything and Start Over
Job time: 1 to 2 days

Try painting the back wall exactly the same colour as the surrounding walls. The unifying color will read clean, shiny and organized.

I really like scouring the internet to get ideas and inspiration for extra motivation. Whenever you do so, notice trends and themes and the way bookshelves are being styled.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

You might even choose to create the background wall of your bookshelf pop with its color or pattern. Leave lots of open area, as you will want to show off your fresh accent wall.

Lovejoy Designs

Use these options to fill in areas where there aren’t books and also to help keep unsightly items presentable.

Magazine files. Corral your flimsy-looking magazines. I enjoy using white magazine files to get a crisp, clean touch.

Bins and containers. No matter how hard we try to arrange a room, sometimes items just aren’t visually attractive. A textured bin or lidded container always lends a helping hand.

Matilda Rose Interiors

Bookshelves which do not have any sides or backs require a delicate hand when organizing with books.
Think mild, as you do not wish to weigh down these pieces. A simple method to maintain the equilibrium: Use pops of colour with ornamental itemsYou may also see that placing books horizontal works better so you don’t need the extra support of tight bookends. How do you like your bookshelves to see? Take a photograph of your bookshelf and share it in the Comments section below!

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