Color Breezes Into Cottage Style

Color Breezes Into Cottage Style

Color Breezes Into Cottage Style

The last time I wrote a bit on cabin style, I emphasized the importance of maintaining the colours light and airy in order to stay true to the aesthetic. And while that information still holds, sometimes it isn’t practical in real life. By way of instance, a friend who describes herself as a cabin girl mentioned recently that her existing residence has an orange-red wall she can not change, which does not jibe with her fashion.

The good news is that with strategically chosen furniture, accessories and surfaces, you still can evoke a cabin look with a brighter palette. You are shown how by these eight spaces.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

The approach: cottagey furnishings. Despite its vivid turquoise walls, this breakfast room reads unmistakably as cottage, thanks to the spindle-back seats, gingham tablecloth, painted wood floors and old-fashioned sideboard. The trappings are stylistically strong enough to stand up to the unconventional shade.

Crisp Architects

The approach: outstanding beadboard. A hallmark material of cabin design, beadboard evokes the sense of an old farmhouse or a breezy bungalow on the beach. With this built-in apron and shelving unit, it is strong enough to control the cherry blossom coverlet.

Dear Daisy Cottage

The approach: collected appeal. The cabin look is about design, grouping together collected antiques, items and less-than-perfect locates to create a feeling of comfort. The primary colour palette in this living room is anything but typical with this fashion, yet the artful clutter radiates warmth and welcome at precisely the way that classic cabin interiors do.

Shannon Malone

The approach: a healthy dose of white. Whether you are attempting to counteract a paint color that’s bolder than you prefer or desire a shot of colour in a sea of creamy pastels, white will help you keep cottage charm. The weathered medicine cabinet, conservative sink and plank-topped vanity help to balance the saturated blue-green on those toilet walls.

TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

The approach: cabin kitchen components. Open shelving, freestanding furniture and beadboard help to define kitchens within this fashion. That is true in this one, regardless of the brilliant red stools along with the crimson painted walls at the connecting space.

The Virginia House

The approach: classic accents. Vintage furnishings and accessories are a part of the storied charm that brings us to cabin style. Rich chocolate linens, vivid throw pillows and turquoise walls fit neatly into the cabin look here, thanks to the window-frame photo collage and also the iron bedstead.

Tim Cuppett Architects

The approach: handwoven and artisanal textiles. Apple-green wall boards fall into cabin territory with the easy inclusion of a braided rug on the ground.

Kate Jackson Design

The approach: sweet florals. Vibrant teal hue notwithstanding, the cloth on the Roman shades and the armchair cushion within this room retains its cabin taste. Substitute stripes, chevrons or a geometric print, along with the room would go in an entirely different direction.

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