Get the Look: 'Scandal' Design for a Sensationally Chic Home

Get the Look: 'Scandal' Design for a Sensationally Chic Home

Get the Look: 'Scandal' Design for a Sensationally Chic Home

Have you ever been bitten by the Scandal insect? I have. While Showtime’s Homeland is my favourite play, ABC’s Scandal has it beat in places, fashion and chemistry, and that shutter whoosh involving scenes is becoming iconic as Law and Order’s famous opening “chung-chungs.” I believe one of the things that make the series so stylish and engaging is the sets.

Each collection has been thoughtfully designed to show things about the characters’ personalities and relationships, and serves as a striking background that enhances the story outlines. I understand you fans will probably be going through withdrawal after the season finale, so after you’ve caught up on all the tweets and rewatched your favourite scenes, check out how to have the appearance of those five fantastic Scandal sets.

The collection: The Oval Office

The style: Traditional American. That is Hollywood’s favourite office, in which the most crucial decisions in the nation occur. About Scandal, a bunch of other crazy stuff happens in here too.

Get the look: That is easy — curved walls and a large round area rug with the presidential seal. Truthfully, however, this traditional style formula is easy. You want two buttery damask sofas with wrapped springs, confronting each other, plus numerous drop-leaf side tables, brass lighting fittings, a leather-topped desk, a carved fireplace surround plus blue and white ginger jars and lamps. Hang a couple gold-framed oil portraits and landscapes, and you are done.

Greatest sources: Ethan Allen, Monticello Shop, severe Hawaiian “ye olde” antiques stores

Books to inspire: Anything about or by Micheal S. Smith or Sister Parish

The collection: Cyrus and James’ home

The style: New traditionalist. Their home is harmonious. Their relationship is just another story.

Get the look: Mix and match new and old, soft and hard, wood, steel and metals, prints and solids. Keep clean lines but don’t be reluctant to soften things together with throw cushions — just make the term “tailored” your mantra as you decorate. Choose paisleys over florals and two-toned plaids over anything more complex. Edit tchotchkes having a keen curator’s eye, and don’t forget to tend the rose garden on Sunday.

Greatest sources: Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, Thomas O’Brien for Target, Room & Board

Books to inspire: The New Traditional, American Modern, American Beauty, Steven Gambrel: Time and Place

The collection: Abby Whelan’s office at Pope and Associates

The style: Deep, rich colors warm up this modern office; we never watched Abby’s office before year two, and it looks like it was designed to match her lovely long reddish hair.

Get the look : Start having an Oriental rug and draw your colors from there. Next choose your wall color — these walls seem to get a Venetian plaster remedy saturated in tawny and coppery browns. Ground the room with a big desk, the most essential piece in the room. Decide on a leather task chair that stands up to the scale of this desk at a deep colour like this burgundy. Arrange the rear walls with the necessary credenza and bookshelves. Last and most important, accessorize with a few abstract artwork. If you don’t have time to hit artwork fairs or galleries, hit a site like Zatista or even Etsy for first works.

Greatest sources:Crate & Barrel, Zatista, Global Perspectives

Books to inspire:
Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design, Nomad

The collection: The gladiators’ war space (i.e., the conference room at Pope and Associates)

The style: Urban industrial

Get the look: Add some Eames office chairs, iron radiator grates, shelves filled with law books and a mirrored wood table into a dingy warehouse, then tape photos of men of interest to your windows.

Greatest sources:Restoration Hardware, Sundance Catalog, Design Within Reach

Books to inspire: Salvage Secrets, Industrial Chic

The collection: Olivia Pope’s apartment

The style: Feminine, mild, global … Olivia’s apartment offers high contrast to her office; it is the polar opposite of this gladiator room. As her hard-edged personality is softened by her wardrobe of soft and white gray cashmere and trenchcoats, she’s softened by the light colors, cushy textures, large arches and traditional moldings of her apartment. That is where she likes to receive her red wine.

Get the look: Start with a foundation of lighting neutrals and envision what’s going to cause you to feel relaxed and comfortable after a hard day of electricity fixing, like a cushy sofa, flowing drapes along with a cashmere throw. Subtly show off how well traveled you are with exotic pieces like bone inlay mirrors, ceramics and quatrefoil shapes beneath a foundation of British colonial furnishings. Again, editing is crucial here — you can’t have too many mirrors, but you could have too many tassels. Actually, one tassel will be too many for this particular place.

Greatest sources:Wisteria, Serena and Lily, DwellStudio

Books to inspire: Inspired Interiors , The Joy of Decorating: Southern Style With Mrs. Howard, Hers: Design With a Feminine Touch

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