Pattern Scout: Cozy Up to Patchwork

Pattern Scout: Cozy Up to Patchwork

Pattern Scout: Cozy Up to Patchwork

Patchwork is a craft which was born from frugality: Girls would save bits of cloth until they had enough to piece together a quilt. Finding an antique quilt, it is not unusual to wonder about the story behind it. Who made it, and what previous purpose did all of those bits of fabric serve?

Quilts can easily be located at antiques stores and through online vendors such as eBay and Etsy. They are also, of course, still being made today. Contemporary patchworks are always machine created, sometimes intentionally designed to look like their vintage ancestors. The benefit of a new quilt is it’s going to be more durable, and it is a consideration when you’re planning to use the quilt every day. Some new quilts are even machine washable.

If you love mixing patterns, then this appearance is right for you. Listed below are 10 rooms which are adorned with a variety of quilts. From an elaborate mad quilt into a simple grid, a quilt constantly adds a touch of charm.

Lola Nova

This youngster’s bedroom is a treasure trove of personality; the patchwork quilts increase the hot, earthy feeling. The room is in the home of Lola Nova, aka Alexandra Smith, an artist, designer and designer.

Teton Heritage Builders

Quilts are flexible, but there is nothing like a log cabin for a backdrop. This bedroom with Teto Heritage Builders looks almost as though it’s from a bygone era.

Creative Decor by Mandi

A grouping of blue fabrics makes for a boy-friendly quilt in this bedroom with Creative Decor by Mandi.

Urban Outfitters

Kaleidoscope Patchwork Quilt – $149

This pretty patchwork demonstrates that quilts are not just for the country; they are just as fitting for a contemporary aesthetic. At just $149, this piece is much less pricey than an antique specimen.

Wen-Di Interiors

Within this joyous child’s bedroom with Wendinteriors, patchwork is anywhere. Exactly the same quilt pattern is used for the two bedroom and the curtains to create a bright, bold space.

Cherie Marcel

Blogger and mother Cherie Marcel discovered herself with a surplus of discontinued high-end cloth after operating in a style store. Rather than scrap the pieces, she turned them into a patchwork wall hanging to act as a headboard for her mattress.

Craig Denis

Quilts are not just for the mattress. Within this masculine living room a stunning case of a crazy quilt hangs as artwork on the wall. Unlike many quilts, crazy quilts are pieced together from uneven scraps of cloth.

Cozy Little Residence

Don’t limit yourself to one quilt per room. A mosaic-like quilt adorns the wall of this living room. On the sofa, a picture red and white quilt is a fine backdrop for two red and white checkered, quilted pillows.

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Bosworth Hoedemaker

A quilt hanging on the wall is also a excellent alternative to a headboard. The quilt adds interest and pattern to the space, and even offers a little cushioning if you’re sitting in bed.

Cozy Little Residence

A quilt can even be utilized as a tablecloth. But it might be best to try this design with a quilt which includes little if any batting for a smooth surface.

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