Place a Narrow Hallway to Work

Place a Narrow Hallway to Work

Place a Narrow Hallway to Work

If you’ve got a narrow hallway, are you wondering how to make it visually appealing or more useful? Following are some wonderful examples of how to use your hallway to make an effect.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

Get Practical

If your hallway is not too skinny, use the room to incorporate a bookcase. This bookcase is equally a storage alternative and also a design statement.

This is another great example of setting a bookcase in your hallway.

Elad Gonen

Another practical storage alternative: built-in units that blend with the rest of the hallway.

CG&S Design-Build

Do not have the room for a wall of built-ins? Here is a wonderful choice that will still give you a lot of storage space without asserting the whole hallway.

Ian Moore Architects

Locate the Architect in You

Add an architectural component that forces your eye to appear. This ceiling treatment allows you to zoom on its attractiveness rather than the constraints of the space beneath.

Thomas Shafer Architects LLC

What better way to induce the eye upwards than creating an installation of stunning Random Lights?

Island Stone

Get Skilled

Utilize the space to display a accent wall. Utilizing such a substance for your own wall doesn’t need any excess space, yet it makes a strong design statement.

Brennan + Company Architects

Your perceptions are so engaged with the feel of the wall, you barely notice the narrow proportions of this hallway.

Hufft Projects

A gallery wall is the perfect chance for you to display all those silly family photos you love …

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

… or display your art collection. Your only limitation when it comes to art: Be sure it’s detailed enough so no one has to step back to admire it.

Webber + Studio

A practical way to reinforce the gallery feel of your hallway is to provide narrow chairs, such as this stunning chair.

Tell us : What other tricks are you used to take advantage of your hallway? Share below!

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